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FinTech Services

  • Financial Software Development
  • Banking Software Development
  • Digital Banking
  • Big Data & AI in Finance
  • Lending & Alternative Financing
  • Security & Risk Management
FinTech Services

Financial Software Development

Our software team can assist you in gaining access to new payment services, electronic payment systems and e-wallets. With a robust digital payment system, your organisation can process payments in bulk at a reduced cost and increase the core business.
Development of digital wallets
Allow clients to complete transactions their preferred way to increase loyalty, sales and profitability. Our technical team will jumpstart your mobile wallet development.
Payments protection
Ensure your customised payment system complies with global security standards and includes EMV and swipe anti-fraud mechanisms.
Development of a payment gateway
Create a comprehensive ecosystem of payment processing services to enable payments across digital channels while retaining control over the consumer experience.

Banking Software Development

Upgrade your software with our banking development services to meet client needs, respond to regulatory pressure and address security concerns. By transforming software and reengineering databases your business prepares for the world of modern banking.
Solutions for wealth management
Leverage machine learning algorithms and predictive bank software. Maintain compliance while launching new investment products, whether completely automated or hybrid. Our team can help you increase profits and expedite business growth.
Banking user experience services
Adapt user interfaces of your financial banking software to make them attractive to various consumer profiles. By simplifying and streamlining financial procedures you prevent consumers from switching to rival products.
Customer engagement services
Modern cloud-based financial software helps you deliver consistent customer experiences across channels. For instance, when customers undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) process their engagement experience is unified.

Digital Banking

Our team applies its financial technology know-how in a variety of ways, all with the purpose of digitising services. We design and develop user-friendly Software as a Services (SaaS) solutions for online and mobile banking.
Back-office process automation using AI
Change the inefficient and time-consuming manual work, simplify labor and lower the risk of errors.
Budgeting and personal finance
Create an easy-to-use dashboard for your clients that allows them to track their spending and manage their own money.
Smart credit cards services
Improve the way you deal with loans and clients by using AI-based solutions and rapid data collection.

Big Data & AI in Finance

We assist our clients in effectively using big data and artificial intelligence in financial solutions. Obtain valuable analytics, act upon insights right away and gain more business with incomparable intelligence.
Management of financial data
Machine learning may be used to automate reporting, monitoring and compliance. By utilising all of the big data at your disposal your organisation gains further industry insights.
Analytical forecasting
With neural networks, machine learning and big data, you can forecast market outcomes and reduce risk of financial products and services.
AI-powered assistance
Focus on your day-to-day tasks as chatbots powered by AI and NLP engage in individualised discussions with your customers and team members.

Lending & Alternative Financing

Our experts develop lending systems that are simple to customise, integrate and expand. Borrowers may receive money quickly and efficiently, so they can get back to work. We assist clients in integrating platforms with banks to further streamline financing.
Supply chain lending
Create an independent marketplace for capital lending, cash-to-cash finance and short-term investing that are affordable.
Fund management services
Create a launchpad system that allows businesses and institutions to manage their investments from a single point.
Business financing
Create a solution that improves business cash flow, allows you to pay staff and vendors in advance and allows your business to hold short-term investments.

Security & Risk Management

Our skilled team performs risk identification and security assessments for worldwide payment networks. Our specialists assist clients in generating reports from obtained personal data. Our security risk management experts employ tried-and-true testing methods to find and resolve system vulnerabilities.
Compliance with security standards
To deliver financial services to a larger audience, ensure that your payment solution conforms with worldwide security standards.
Security auditing
Verify that your services are free of design flaws and possible weaknesses through preliminary testing and threat detection.
GDPR compliance
Fulfill all personal data privacy regulations and optimise user requests for data management.