About Us

Orienta United Agency, headquartered in Estonia, is a global banking and financial technology company.
Our core values are: remarkable expertise, unbeatable quality, fair pricing. Trust is the ultimate result of combining these essential values. Building trust and assurance are the first elements to determine between the parties in order to create a bond and initiate collaboration.
Similarly, defining clients’ expectations, setting quality standards and clarifying performance indicators are vital for the success of the project.

Our teams are made up of people with a variety of talents - this is what makes our teams robust and resilient.

We encourage members' ongoing development by challenging them to work out of their comfort zone and invest in new skills development training.

Our leadership team is focused on prioritising team growth by promoting strategic thinking, innovation and action. They are skilled in cross cultural communication, a vital aspect given that teams are global and multicultural. However, their real competitive advantage is talent management, a key component frequently overlooked or even neglected.


We are dedicated to being the best in our field and we make every effort to ensure that quality is maintained at all levels, from requirements through final delivery.


Trust and reliability are the foundations of successful business relationships. As a result we provide fair and transparent pricing at every level of the project